Sunday, June 12, 2016


The title says it all. I haven't written in months again and a large portion of that is due mind blank.

Cows got moved in May, kids are growing as fast as the weeds in my garden (which is suspiciously the wrong color of green-quack grass green to be exact), and I'm loving my lawnmower now that we did some landscaping so I've now got lawn instead of thistle patches and dirt piles. Hay is being cut/raked/baled/hauled/wrapped, corn is being cultivated, and if the level of milk in the bulk tank is any indication, there are large black/white/brown/gray animals being milked on a regular basis.

In short, it's life as usual.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Howdy, It's Been A While Hasn't It?

Sorry. Life has a way of taking up my time of late and I'm writing a monthly column for a family newsletter too that seems to suck up my grand post ideas. After all, I don't want to repost things that family are reading so it's hard to write without overlapping topics. Multitasking is not my forte and this extends to writing these days.


What's been happening over here? Not much. Just the usual. Same ol' same ol'.

Spring has apparently started to tippy toe into the area so we are playing musical parking spots. If we don't, one's vehicle needs to have 4 wheel drive capabilities to even think of moving in any direction other than down and even then, it's iffy you'll budge. So we're parking hither and yon in the dry-er spots in the hopes that Mother Nature will take pity on us and dry up our parking area enough to again park vehicles without digging ruts to China.

This also means the driveway is the usual grease slide, I'd be wearing rubber boots everywhere if I had a pair without a hole in them (it's #1 on my list to get next time I'm in town), and every vehicle in our fleet have turned to the oh-so-glamorous Muddy Brown.

Oh yeah, and the Electrical Gremlin that lives under the hood of my barn wheels has come up with a sorta nifty new trick to add to his/her repertoire. I now have automatic headlights-which is nice when one drives after dark but it's not so nice when you park because they don't turn off. The only way to turn them off is to pop the hood and unhook the battery cable. Fun. (Sarcasm there...)

Aside from that? We're busy. Tractors need tinkering, fertilizer needs ordering, seed needs choosing, cows need milking, houses need cleaning, kids need raising, laundry need washing, food needs cooking, and life needs living.

Like I said, same old same old.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter Shminter

After a little bit longer Fall (beautiful weather right into November), Old Man Winter came a'snowing. We've got the chilly wind, the cold snow, and even colder fingers/toes/noses.

But since we had the White Christmas I was hankering for, I'm not complaining...Much...

But I've got plenty to keep my mind off of the cold. Christmas came and went, the New Year rolled on by, and now it's time to focus books. Tax time is upon us if the envelope bearing our tax accountant's name that arrived in the mailbox is any indication. I'll be in a bookkeeping haze for the next six weeks or so as a result so there will be little time to think about the weather.

Then there's my vacations. I'm going to Florida in a few weeks and when compared to Brrrr-y temps of home, it'll be awfully roasty-toasty wonderfully warm. I'm thinking of sandy beaches with ocean views and sunshiney days. Daydreams and, once I'm back, all those memories are DEF going to take my mind off of snow and cold and ice...*sigh*

My next vacation arrives a month or so later. We dreamed about a hiking trip for over a year but lately, we've been thinking about postponing that vacation in favor of other options. Like Maine. In March...Seems counterintuitive to go somewhere with as much (if not more by the time we leave) snow as we have here if I'm looking to escape Winter but it'll be snow somewhere else so it doesn't count. *wink* Plus, if we head northeast, we'll be heading that way to see family and visiting ALWAYS makes you feel all cozy inside. :)

And finally, through my sis-in-laws, I discovered this ah-mazing little gem of a coffee shop in a nearby town that I will now be stopping at any time I'm in the vicinity (which may or may not be due to slightly manufactured reasons...:P) because it's that good. Nothing like a warm delish sandwich or a cup of oh-so-sweet mocha to warm a body up, right?

So there are my plans for keeping myself roasty toasty this winter.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Underneath the layers

I've got layers. Like an onion. Only thing is I don't make your eyes burn.

But I'm not being theoretical here. No emotionally touching, soul searching post here.

Nah. I'm speaking literally.

I'm referring to layers of clothing. Chore clothes to be exact.
As many of you know (or perhaps you don't? But if you don't, you do now...Anyway, I digress.), we move our cows from our summer pasture and open walled barn to our winter freestall barn and enclosed milking facility every October.

As a side note, this day has coincidentally happened on our wedding anniversary about 4 times in the last 8 years. As an extra side note, this was not one of those years. I'm digressing again.

Back to moving cows. So we move our cows to the summer farm in mid-May and back to the winter barn in mid-October because it's just what works for us. We've got irrigated pasture for the cows to nosh on all summer long but as with most everything else, the pasture goes into hibernation once Autumn arrives and our summer barn isn't very winter-usable. It's pretty much a pole barn with curtains for walls on three sides so it's not quite so fun milking in there when we've got your usual Fall weather. Our winter barn has a fully enclosed milking facility so to go from an open room with curtains on three sides (and thus a teeny bit more exposed to wind, rain, cold, and the general chilly October weather-of which we've had surprisingly little this month so I'm not complaining.) to a smaller enclosed room without wind, cold, rain, or the general chilly October weather (see above comment in parantheses) means the temperature inside said room goes up a few degrees. I've found that moving from the summer barn to the winter barn corresponds with a loss of at least one layer of clothing. Long johns and wool socks go back in the Winter Clothing Drawer for a few more weeks. No more frozen fingers, frozen hoses, or frozen noses til hopefully January. Or later. I won't complain about not having to deal with any of those at all really.

Yes, there will come a day (and likely sooner than any of us would prefer) when I'll want my layers back but for now, I'll enjoy my chores a little bit lighter.